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How to place your order in advance

It is so frequent that the customer arrives in the shop after a long drive from St. Francis Bay to find that their favourite snack or important ingredients are sold out! It is a harsh reality when demand exceeds supply.


Therefore now, we incorporate an advance order option for consumers to simply write to us. 


Some of the really, really popular products, that we recommend a pre-order to avoid disappointment:

- Tofu

- Sushi

- Frozen products, including the 3 legendary takeaways

- Renewable LED lanterns 

- Bokchoi and other fresh veggies


Not in Port Elizabeth? No problem!


We offer an ordering system for you, your family or customers. See below.


We are proud to be listed on Vegan SA, where anyone can find useful information on specialised dietary stores near you.


With a few steps, you can easily place your order:


1. Fill in the inquiry form below with your name, contact details (contact number is a must) and inquiry. 

    We will reflect back to you if we do hold stock.


2. Once confirmed, drop by the store to pay and collect OR arrange for a courier to collect your order.

    We accept debit/credit card payments for purchases over R50.

EFT payments can be arranged.

   Use your given order reference number as reference.    

   Our banking details:

   Account name: Vegetarian Centre

   Account no. :     083800417   

   Bank:                   Standard Bank

   Branch Code:    051001



- All products are subjected to availability

- All unpaid for pre-orders will be invalid in the following events:

  1. No pickup on the specified date

  2. No confirmation

  3. No phone number provided

  4. No payment received


To help you get an idea of the type of products we have to offer, here are our various product lists that have been categorised for your convenience.






These are only some of the products we have available, therefore we highly recommend that you pay a visit to our store as we also have many other products such as:


- woks, steamers, pots and hot plates

- crockery, chopsticks, place mats (perfect for hosting an Asian-themed party)

- Chinese cleavers, mortar and pestles, etc.

- teapots, cups and tea sets

- home decor and ornaments, incense sticks


Thank you for shopping with us and we hope to see you again soon!


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