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About us

We are Vegetarian Centre


Our Vision


In family, health and spirit.


We strive to maintain as the preferred 1-stop shop for all - vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike - in providing the widest variety of quality vegetarian and Asian groceries, while offering professional in-store culinary/dietary advice for our customers.


With a most diversified of professions, from chefs, dietician, entreprenuer and engineers. We aim to cater the most accurate and effective solution to your needs, whether as a consumer or your business.


We do our best to help you find your better tomorrow.


To acquire a global perspective of this fast evolving and bustling modern world, you have to hold close to your roots whilst be willing to exposing yourself to various different cultures with an open mind.


It is not just a western and eastern culture, but every culture is unique.


We are a family from multi-national backgrounds, having travelled and stayed in over 25 countries in all seven continents of the world, we have learnt to broaden our minds and develop an urge to understand the world beyond the city we are born in.


And what we find about people is one common interest amongst all, that is good food.


Good old fashioned, guilt-free food is what we love, and so should you.


Vegetarianism is an age-long dietary concept that has been practised around the world for centuries, it is particularly emphasized in parts of Asia and Europe.


It is an unique and daring concept that has the power and history to challenge and revolutionise how we look at food and nutrition. Long before the world started to look at vegetarianism from the health benefit point of view, in many parts of Asia, it is practised through the idealogy of faith and religion.


Today, every single shopping mall, food district, and alternate street in Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India and Thailand you will be able to find at least one vegetarian restaraunt or food stall. It is not because of religion or faith anymore.


We, as humans are evolving. Smarter.


If the food tasted just as awesome and the variety are mind boggling much, then why choose to kill the chicken you just hugged?


Food for thought perhaps?


"An unique and daring concept that has the power and history to challenge and revolutionise how we look at food and nutrition.


And for me, eating healthy and being a vegetarian is propagated through faith and common sense."


 Lisa, founder and owner of Vegetarian Centre-

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