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Culinary Foods

- Wraps and Rolls

Feel good, constantly.

Life is about the balance. And so are the foods that we put into our body.


When you eat well, the release of 'happy' hormones such as serotonin, dopamine and endorphins enhances your general sense of well-being.


Elevates your mood, controls your appetite and cravings. Psychologically promotes mental concentration and alertness.


Finding that everyday balance is an art that we strive towards.

"I feel if I am healthy and happy, I always look good. With a good mixture of fitness and healthy food I always feel great!"


Candice Swanepoel

春卷 - 越南式冷卷
This is how we roll ... the Springroll and Vietnamese rice wraps! 

Quick Tip:

Springroll is a 'hot food', therefore goes well with complimentary sauces such as soy sauce (add a pea of wasabi for that extra ommph), sweet-chilli sauce or even plum sauce.


Vietnamese roll is a 'cold dish', try sweet sauces such as plum sauce, peanut sauce or sweet-chilli sauce to soothe the throat.

1. The pastry and ingredients
Basic ingredients:
  • Frozen springroll pastry or dried Vietnamese rice pastry
  • Defrost springroll pastry and peel off carefully thereafter; Soak the dry Vietnamese rice pastry in warm/hot water until soft
Optional ingredients:
  • Show off your creativity! Don't be restricted by 'traditional' ingredients- Chocolate works with everything (well...almost everything)
  • But if you seek for a more authentic springroll taste, here are a few must-have ingredients (Springroll):
  1. Shredded cabbage  
  2. Shredded carrots
  3. Sesame seeds
  4. Pinch of salt and pepper (per roll)
  5. Stir-fry the above ingredients till well-cooked, set aside to cool
  6. Personal childhood favourite - spoil yourself with a nice small slab of cheddar cheese, to be added to the springroll ingredients
As for Vietnamese cold roll, the traditional ingredients are:
  1. Rice vermicelli (Cook in boiling water till white and soft)
  2. Shredded carrots
  3. Rockets/mint leaves
  4. Shredded lettuce
  5. Bean sprouts
  6. Teaspoon of rice vinegar and pinch of sugar (per roll)
  7. No cooking required! Just a nice cold snack for a hot summer day! 
2. The folds
Golden Rule: 3 folds before the roll.
  • Grab a palm full of ingredients, place near the centre of the pastry (See illustration 1)
  • 3 folds for 3 points of the pastry, from one point towards the adjacent point, meeting in the middle (See illustration 2)
  • Begin rolling towards the point, ensuring the ingredients are nicely tucked inside the pastry (See illustration 2 & 3)
  • Once fully rolled, use a dap of water or water mixed with little flour as glue to keep the springroll closed
3. The cooking (Springroll)
Deep-fry: Boil oil and gently place the springroll into the oil. Fish out to drain once golden brown and crispy!
Bake: Brush oil over the wrap, and bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 20mins or till golden brown and crispy!
How to: Prepare, and roll your first Sushi

The history of sushi is an interesting one, The origin of sushi dates back to before the 14th century in Southeast Asia, in its original form it is made up of fish wrapped in fermenting rice. Few hundred years today, it can be considered as an national delicacy in Japan and more popularly recognised as an Japanese food. Another interesting fact, in Japan it is rare for households to prepare their own sushi, they would usually eat out at an restaraunt prepared by a professional sushi chef - an expensive eat-out for special occasions.


In this section, we will teach you how to prepare the sushi rice - the soul of the food - and to elaborate on the wrapping techniques of possibly the most iconic form of sushi - The Makisushi/Makizushi.


Just a casual disclaimer: We are not ethinic Japanese, therefore we will try our best to show you how we do it. Nevertheless, guaranteed to offer you the best taste and experience :) And of course, you will be able to find everything you need in our shop!

Quick Tip:

Of the many modern variation of sushi, it is clear that this healthy and delicious snack is evolving, limited only by your creativity! An edible ''play-dough'' if you may... have fun with your friends and family.


The most important aspect of sushi is the rice, pay attention to the preparation of the rice and your sushi is bound to be great! 


Enjoy it with some wasabi-infused soy sauce and pink ginger. 


1. The ingredients and tools
  • Bamboo sushi mat
  • Cling-wrap
Basic ingredients:
  • Short-grain sushi rice
  • Nori sheets (makisushi, not required for nigiri or california roll)
  • Rice Vinegar
  • Mirin
Optional ingredients:
  • Soya sauce (complimentary)
  • Wasabi (complimentary)
  • Japanese sushi mayonnaise
  • Sushi pink ginger (complimentary)
2. The Rice 
The rice is the true soul of the sushi, it is subtle but probably most important.
  • Combine sushi vinegar, sugar, salt and mirin together ( in tablespoons and teaspoons)
  • Wash the rice briefly and leave it to drain for 30mins or so.
  • Add the water to the rice in a pot (cups of rice =cups of water), bring to boil
  • Once boiling, reduce heat to simmer
  • Cover pot and leave for 15mins without opening​
  • Remove pot from heat and left to cool for 10mins (with lid covered)
  • Spread the rice slightly and pour in the seasoning mixture
  • Gently mix the contents together and ready for use at body temperature
3. The roll~
If a picture worth a thousand words, then a motion picture paints a thousand pictures. We decided to go through some youtube videos and found one that is simple and uncanningly similar to how we prepare our sushi! Check it out below :)

(Courtesy video from eHow:Food )

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