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Fresh Foods

Indigenious, authentic and trial tested

Daily, freshly produced homemade products whose recipes have evolved and trial-tested throughout the enduring years of the business.


Each product is a reflection of our heritage and asian culture - The authentic infusion of popular Chinese, Malay, Taiwanese and Japanese delicacies.


We believe that if the customer comes back for the same product for over ten years, we must have done something extraordinary.

"I was 12 years old when I first realized that food could be hot. That's why I turned out the way I am."


Simon Cowell

Tofu and its wonders!

Tofu, beancurd, Chinese cheese, to-ufu or towfu are the many names of this traditional food. The original name "豆腐“ literally mean "bean fermented", this is a legacy name as most of the modern Tofu varieties are not fermented - only a handful are fermented to achieve a certain distinct flavour. This famous food has a long history that reaches back over 2000 years, an important food that is of cultural, historical and nutritional importance that has been handed down from generation to generation.


Historically, it is an important source of protein for vegetarian Buddhists. Known for its high calcium, high protein, low calorie and trans-fat free attributes. It is becoming a popular world-wide substitute for animal protein and weight-loss food.


The two questions that we get mostly from first-timers are "How do you prepare it?" and "What does it taste like?". We will show you the most popular methods of preparing Tofu, and as for the latter question, you'll just have to try! Like wine, I might taste chocolate while you might taste mulberry.


Less than the price of a can of soda, freshly made and historically valued - How can you afford not to try?


Our Tofu are freshly made on a daily basis and exceptionally popular. We recommend that you pre-book to avoid disappointment.


1. Storage:

  • 3-4 days refridgerated 

  • Ensure the Tofu blocks are submerged in fresh water

  • Change the water daily


2. Cooking:

In this section, we will show you how to prepare Tofu. Think of Tofu as a base ingredient, if you are using Tofu as a substitute for meat and other animal products, it is very similar in its preparation style.


In many ways, it is comparable to the preparation of egg. You can either use it in it's raw form, shallow fry it, boil it or even deep fry it!


生 - Raw Form


Tofu itself is cooked and edible in its raw form. The taste is rather tasteless and somewhat neutral to the unaccustomed - imagine eating spaghetti without the sauce... you get the idea.




The Japanese are famous for their simplicity and their food can even be considered as an art. Silken Tofu is the softer version of Tofu, hence the name. Delicate and soft, it is served cold with a splash of soy sauce and chives for flavouring. It is highly recommended for the acquired taste or with special dietary requirements, but definitely not recommended for the first-timers.


Great on a hot summer's day!. 


Another suggestion is to cube the chilled Tofu and add it to cold peanut sauce noodles... mmm...



  1. Remove the chilled Tofu from the fridge

  2. Wash and drain briefly

  3. Splash some soy sauce on the Tofu

  4. Garnish it as you please



If you are a big fan of Chinese food or Thai-food, you will love this.


This dish is another important and famous dish that you will most certainly find in any authentic Asian restaruant, It is a simple dish that we believe anyone with the right ingredients can prepare.


And the preparation time ... 10mins.


Simply appetizing, healthy and delicious.



  1. Tofu (cubed)

  2. Mapo Tofu sauce (to taste)

  3. Chilli bean paste (to taste)

  4. Optional ingredients:

    1. Soy mince

    2. Frozen peas

  5. Coriander/Dhania

  6. Rice or noodles



  1. Heat some oil in a pan

  2. Then add soy mince to stir-fry

  3. Once colour of mince darkens, add the Mopo Tofu sauce and chilli bean paste

  4. Bring contents to a boil

  5. Add cubed tofu and frozen peas

  6. Add small amounts of water if the sauce is too thick

  7. Cover the pan and set to simmer for 3 minutes

  8. Remove from heat and it's ready to serve

煎 - Shallow Fry


Imagine frying an egg, apply the same to the Tofu, and that's all it is!


Slice, cube, dice or scambled... heat the pan, add the oil and your favourite seasoning (e.g salt, pepper or soy sauce)... once golden brown, your food is ready.


Add it to your favourite stir-fry, as a burger patty or a meat-substitute to any dish, soup or curry.




  1. Slice, cube or dice up your tofu

  2. Heat the oil in a pan

  3. Once the oil is hot, add in the tofu

  4. Gently stir-fry, ensuring that the tofu is well cooked all round

  5. Add your favourite seasoning (e.g salt, soy sauce or even tomato paste etc.)

  6. Ready to serve when exterior skin is golden brown and crispy

滾 - Boil


Think soup and meat-substitute.


Add it to your favourite mushroom soup, or any other soup - Filling, healthy and easy!


Simply cube the Tofu and just throw it in to cook with the soup.


A traditional use of this method is for the famous Miso soup, known for its high nutritional value and great taste.



  1. Tofu (cubed)

  2. Miso paste (quantity as per personal preference)

  3. ​Vegetable suggestions:

    1. Kelp/seaweed

    2. Broccoli or cauliflower

    3. Carrot slices

    4. Ripe tomato wedges

  4. Salt / soy sauce



  1. Use a bowl to gauge the amount of soup

  2. Boil the water in a pot

  3. Once boiling, add the miso paste and the rest of the ingredients

  4. Add salt/soy sauce to taste

  5. Simmer the soup

  6. Ready to serve when vegetables are cooked

炸 - Deep Fry


This method is possibly the most enjoyable experience, and highly recommended to all who want to try Tofu for the first time. 


Similarly, the deep fried tofu can be used as ingredients for any other dishes or simply enjoyed as it is.


Try it with your favourite sauce!



  1. Heat oil

  2. Cut the Tofu into your desired shape

  3. Gently drop the Tofu pieces into the oil, give it a stir every now and then, ensure that the Tofu pieces do not stick to one another

  4. When the exterior skin turns golden crispy all round, remove from oil and drain

  5. Serve with your favourite sauces or use it as ingredients for other dishes (e.g salads, sweet 'n sour, stir-frys etc.)

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