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Essential Commodities

Make an investment.

Don't forget the finer details! Try eating asian food with traditional cutlerys such as chopsticks and porcelainware, will undoubtedly enhances the overall atmosphere and appeal of the food.


If Eish-kom ever caught you by surprise (again), pick up one of our latest energy-efficient lighting products and never again be left in the dark with a wax dripping, fire-hazard candle! 


Use our products as an educational mean for your kids or spend some quality time together. We think it is a great idea to take this opportunity and use technology to pull people hearts together.

"I am selective. If I do splash out, it's an investment, and I wear things for years.


Erin O'Conner

光 - Light

光 - Light

Let there be light! Don't let the dark catch you out, make use of the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Whether indoors or outdoors, it will come in handy.

Emergency Backup Lighting

Product Description:

Versatile LED lantern with multiple charging solutions



25cm X 12cm X 12cm



No. of LEDs:


Solar Charge Time:

+-6 hours

Maximum usable hours:

+-5 hours

No. of charge methods:

Solar panel, 230V wall socket, Car charger, Hand-crank dynamo, AAA batteries slots


Recommended Usage:

Emergency lighting for home, car, outdoor excursions.

For purposes of saving electricity or rural lighting solutions


Vegetarian Centre Verdict: Highly Recommended

Rarely, do we come across a product so versatile, effective and essential that we rave about it to almost anyone we meet.


This LED lantern is one of such products which we highly recommend to anyone struggling with the recent loadshedding and relying on primitive candles for lighting - a dangerous and often costly decision.


Other than household lighting requirement, this highly portable innovation is a MUST for every automobile, especially ones that travel in the night or into the bush. With a car charger, AAA battery slots and an emergency hand-crank dynamo, you can rest assured to have light when you needed it most.


To verify the capabilities of the LED lantern, we took a random sample straight from the box and put it to the test!


Here is the general idea:

1800hrs (6:00PM), 28th of June, Johannesburg. Complete darkness.

Charging Period

4.5 hours

Usage Period

2 hours

Usage Period

2 hours

1800hrs (6:00PM),  LED Lantern ON - 0 hours

9m X 3.5m Bachelor flat - Front

1330hrs (1:30PM)

  • Partly cloudy

  • Mid-winter

  • Charging till dusk

1800hrs (6:00PM)

  • Bachelor Flat

  • 9m X 3.5m

  • LED lantern ON

  • Positioned middle of room

2000hrs (8:00PM)

  • Brightness Check

2200hrs (10:00PM)

  • Brightness Check

1800hrs (6:00PM),  LED Lantern ON - 0 hours

9m X 3.5m Bachelor flat - Back

2000hrs (8:00PM),  LED Lantern ON - 2 hours

9m X 3.5m Bachelor flat - Front

2200hrs (10:00PM),  LED Lantern ON - 4 hours

9m X 3.5m Bachelor flat - Front

2200hrs (10:00PM),  LED Lantern ON - 4 hours

Excellent visibility for reading

Charging Period:

  • Direct sunlight is prefered, but the angle of the sunlight does not present a major difference


Usage Period (0 hours):

  • Excellent lighting, fully illuminates a 9m X 3.5m bachelor flat

  • All activities from reading to fine needle work


Usage Period (2 hours):

  • Good lighting, fully illuminates the room

  • All activities except fine needlework


Usage Period (4 hours):

  • Fair lighting, partially illuminates the room. Good for handcarry lighting

  • Activities restricted to showering and reading.


For a prolonged battery life, we recommend that the battery does not fully discharge. Charge whenever possible. For example, leaving the lantern by the window (indoor side will do).

瓷 - Porcelain

瓷 - Porcelain

Holding an Asian-themed party? We will have a wide selection of porcelain cutleries, chopsticks, wooden food picks and of course, Asian groceries!

We rotate our porcelain stock on a regular basis.

Do visit our store for the latest stock

or check on the website for any new stock!

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