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壽司 - Sushi

壽司 - Sushi

All about sushi! We can help you with all the tools, ingredients and knowledge that you will need to make this ever popular healthy snack! Party on!

豆 - Nuts and Legumes

豆 - Nuts and Legumes

Nuts about you! Discover a whole new world of nuts, seeds, desserts and their nutritional wonders!

豆腐 - Tofu

豆腐 - Tofu

The legendary Tofu -naturally gluten-free and low calorie, contains no cholesterol and is an excellent source of protein, iron, and calcium. Enjoyed in Asia for centuries by both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, give it a try!

卷 - Wraps

卷 - Wraps

Wrap it up! From the beautiful Vietnamese wrap to your favorite chocolate spring roll pastry, and let's not forget...Dim sum...

米 - Rice

米 - Rice

The king of staple food! Either to control your waistline, dietary requirements or trying out various cuisine, we will recommend the best rice for the purpose from our wide selection of grains.

麵 - Noodles

麵 - Noodles

So you know your noodles? Think again - From rice, egg, sweet potato, corn noodles to gluten-free pastas, vermicelli and macaroni. If you are a true fan of noodles, you can't resist trying em' out! Don't worry, come in and we will guide you through :)

茶 - Tea

茶 - Tea

A sip of history! A timeless beverage that holds much mystical and medicinal benefits for over 4000 years. A true fountain of youth?

豆類素料 - Soy-based Meat Alternatives

豆類素料 - Soy-based Meat Alternatives

Make delicious burger patties from scratch or mouth watering bolognese with soy mince, and be sure to try out our wide variety of precooked meat-free products with your favorite curry or stir-fry!

漿 - Sauces

漿 - Sauces

Finger-licking good! The soul of every snack, every dish and every meal. Bad cook? No problem, it's the sauce.

小吃 - Takeaways

小吃 - Takeaways

"Best springrolls in town!" - quoted from many different customers over time. Our springrolls are one of the 3 legendary takeaways. Only 1 batch per day, freshly ready by 10am and sold out by 2pm. Come in and taste the difference.

瓷 - Porcelain

瓷 - Porcelain

Holding an Asian-themed party? We will have a wide selection of porcelain cutleries, chopsticks, wooden food picks and of course, Asian groceries!

光 - Light

光 - Light

Let there be light! Don't let the dark catch you out, make use of the opportunity to spend some quality time with your family. Whether indoors or outdoors, it will come in handy.

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Sat & Public Holidays: 09h00 to 13h00

Closed on Sundays

What's the latest scoop?


Message of the moment

20 years of Vegetarian Centre

The year 2023 marks the 20th year of Vegetarian Centre!

And we could not have reached this milestone without your support, THANK YOU!

Let's kick start the year with a little fun list of 20 goodies (in no particular order):

Our top 10 selling products:

  1. Takeaways: spring roll, veggie ball, curry puff

  2. Frozen spring rolls

  3. Soy mince/chunks

  4. Shiitake mushrooms

  5. Black wood ear fungi

  6. Miso

  7. Wakame

  8. Sushi rice

  9. Nori sheets

  10. Kewpie mayonnaise

10 highly recommended products:

  1. Tofu

  2. Oat milk

  3. Nut milks: almond/macadamia

  4. Lion's mane mushroom

  5. Black/red rice

  6. Black bean soy sauce (gluten-free)

  7. Edamame beans

  8. Gluten-free noodles: rice/bean thread

  9. Vegetable dumplings/pot stickers (suitable for vegans)

  10. Steamed buns (suitable for vegans)

How many of the above have you tried? Do let us know your favourites!

Originating from Singapore & Taiwan in the Far East, we have literally travelled around the globe to fall in love with this vibrant and beautiful country on the African continent.


                         Have you hugged your chicken today?

Respect and the love for all living creatures has been our calling for over 30 years. And to this day, we have celebrated life through good food made with kind love and peace of mind.


Life is about experiences. It is not all about good or bad, it's more about if you have missed out on an experience of a lifetime?


If the French is the symbol of love, then Asian food arguably is the epitome of the human palate .





For your family, health and spirit.


It's painlessly simple really.

Who are we?

Wealth in Good Health


It's been two years since the pandemic began and we have all had to face many adjustments in our daily lives. Through our combined efforts, most restrictions have now been lifted, and we are gradually returning to some familiarity from before.

We would like to thank you for your continued support, and hope that the new year will bring you and your family good health!

A little reminder with some simple tips to promote a healthy body and mind: 







                      Get enough sleep                                                Stay hydrated


                             Eat well                                                            Keep active

      Remain connected with loved ones                              Kick back and relax


Just in!       The latest haul of goodies!

2020 has been a year of uncertainty, and we sincerely hope that all our customers and their loved ones continue to stay safe and remain in good health.


We are doing our best to bring you all your favourites, but we also want to share with you some of our delicious new products that we hope will add a little comfort - do give them a try!

And remember to do your part to keep yourself and others safe as we try to overcome these challenging times, and that we will get through this together!


Our sincere compliments for the new year!


Before we dive into the rustle and bustle of the new year, we would like to calm our minds and offer thanks to our lucky stars for keeping our loved ones healthy and safe.

Vegetarian centre would like to offer our sincere gratitude for your support to our humble shop throughout the many years.

We certainly hope that our products and services have brought to you and your family much fun and excitement on your culinary adventures.

We would like to wish all our customers and their loved ones:

"" 事百顺,家和万事兴!

    zhu     shi  bai shun ,    jia   he wan shi xing

Smooth sailing for all events, may family harmony bring good fortune to all

thank you.png
Tempting Tempeh

After receiving many enquiries, we're really excited to announce our new product in store: tempeh!

It's a product with origins in South East Asia where it still remains popular to this day, and essentially made from whole soybeans. The unique fermentation process when making tempeh allows for easier digestion and access to its nutrients, providing as a good source of protein, fibre, mono- and polyunsaturated fats, and vitamins B2 and B3!

Tempeh is a versatile ingredient and can easily complement any dish including soups, stews, salads, sandwiches and stir fries! It is similar to tofu, but with a firmer texture and slight nutty flavour that is able to well absorb sauces and marinades. You can prepare it in a number of ways whether it be sliced, crumbled or grated, then either pan-fried, grilled, stewed or steamed.


Give tempeh a try and get creative with your recipes! We know you'll simply love it!

Happy New Year , Every Body !

Goodbye and thank you for everything, 2017.

Hello to 2018!

We just can't

wait to see



will bring.

Vegetarian Centre would like to take this opportunity to thank our customers and friends for their loyal support throughout the year. May 2018 continue to bring a positive change to our environment and our lives. Have a wonderful and safe festive season!

Vegetarian Centre holiday period:

8 January 2018 - 15 January 2018

Re-opening on:

16 January 2018

Prost! Zum Wohl! - Cheers to your health!

Simply                                                     Refreshing


Are you looking to try something new? We are excited to bring to you something just that to our store to help quench your thirst!


If you're going for something more traditional, try the Gerstel non-alcoholic beer. You won't even be able to tell the difference as it tastes as good as the real deal.


We also have a delicious malt non-alcoholic drink: Karamalz - which is on the sweeter side, but is packed full of malt goodness.


Besides the tastiness and leaving you feeling refreshed, what's best is that these beverages can be enjoyed by the whole family and during any time of day!


Come try out these famous German beverages, and we would be delighted to hear what you think of them!

Certified Yum!

D-I-Y Sushi

Whether you're hosting a social gathering or whipping up a homemade meal, why not try your hand at sushi? If this idea is tickling your tastebuds, simply place an order with us or stop by our store to pick up all the basic ingredients and equipment you'll need!


You can top off your sushi creations with a tasty bowl of miso soup! We also conveniently stock the basic ingredients as follows: tofu, wakame (seaweed flakes) and miso paste; remember to take a look at our traditional miso soup bowls.


Alternatively, if you're not a big fan of soup, you can serve your sushi with a cup of green tea - you'll find an array of green teas on our shelves too!


Making sushi is easy and fun! Feast your eyes on our vegetarian-friendly sushi creation below! Yum!
















For more information on our D-I-Y sushi products, check out product list here.

Smarter Shopping

It has come to our attention that many customers wonder about the type of products we have to offer at Vegetarian Centre. Therefore, we would like to bring your attention to our new addition within our Place an order! page.


Here, we have developed a product list to give you an idea of the range of products that can be found at our store. We hope you will find it helpful and easy- to-use, and helping you shop smarter!


Tell us what you want and we will try source it for you!

New Year, New Beginnings

Greetings! We trust that you are all well rested and ready for the year ahead.

In keeping to bring you an array of vegetarian food products, crockery and cutlery, assorted household items and home decor; we will continue to update the website on a regular basis with new information.

We would like to bring your attention to our new section: Nutrition - in the hopes of helping you make informed choices to develop healthy eating habits, focusing on different vegetarian diets.

Please let us know if you have any questions/suggestions or comments. Simply leave a message below. We would love to hear from you!

What's the EXCITEMENT?

It's the time of the year: a season of rest for all, where the young returns home, and time spent bonding amongst loved ones.


For us, 2015 has been a wonderful year full of new challenges and positive changes :) The rebranding of our logo, a new website, and a diversified array of interesting products!


We have embarked on an exciting journey to promote an era of good health, good food and a better tomorrow. 

We thank you for your support throughout the years, and we look forward to serve you again soon.


Thank you, and we wish you a safe and lovely holiday!


祝您聖誕與新年快樂 !

Merry Christmas


a Happy New Year!


           and                                                       Tranquility


Conjure up inner peace within your living or work environment through age-long meaningful symbolism that embodies calmness, wisdom and introspect.


"When you realise how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky." - Buddha


Visit our shop today for a wide variety of meditatory figurines and decor!

Don't be left in the dark!

"So versatile that every household should own one." 


Whether its our great power utility company or the looming 25% hike in electricity tariff, or a camping trip, road trip, long drives... whatever it is, you can rest assured that there will always be a source of light to guide you through.




+ Solar

+ Wall Charger

+ Car Charger

+ AAA batteries

... even an emergency dynamo handcrank.


Robustness? Reliability?


Admist the highly positive reviews from customers and suppliers, we decided to give it a test drive and we love it.


See our review 

Space for the mind, heart and soul - Cultivate

To understand

The Balance








The Beginning



What matters?

Cause and Effect

Inner Peace



The End

News and whatnot

Website in Progress, coming soon!


And in the weeks to come, we will update the product pages and you can expect to find great information such as:


  1. How to roll and make your first sushi or wrapping your own spring roll! The ingredients, techniques and suggestions.

  2. What is Tofu and why the hype? How to prepare it? 

  3. Noodles like you won't believe it ... cook it like we do. New!

  4. Understanding meat-alternative foods and its superior health benefits.

  5. Interesting historical information about Asian foods!

  6. Any NEW and EXCITING products!

  7. Website for mobile devices in progress! - Completed! It will take some time to load, so please be paitent :)


We would  love to hear from you!


Any suggestions, requests or enquires can be directed in the envelope at the bottom of this page. Remember to put your name and contact details!

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