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The Reason of/for Auspices, Omens, Misfortunes, and Blessings 恶有恶报, 善有善报, 不是不报, 时机未到.

Ordinary people are afraid of being subject to suffering/misery as the final outcome. The clever ones are afraid of planting the seeds of suffering.

Reasons for a short life

  • Killing of animals

  • Induce others to kill animals

  • Praise others for their high techniques used in killing animals

  • Feeling happy when watching others kill animals

  • Feeling happy when seeing the person we detest has passed away

  • Loves fighting and induce others to kill each other

Reasons for having a long life

  • Does not indulge in killing animals

  • Persuading others not to kill animals

  • Praise others when we encounter them not killing animals

  • Feeling of happiness when we know they are not killing animals

  • Trying our best to save animals who are being abused

  • To console and comfort others who are afraid of death

  • When we know other people are feeling frightened, we think of ways to make them not to feel frightened

  • When we seeing other people/animals fall ill, we sympathise with them

  • Reaching out and helping others when they are in trouble

  • Donation/sharing of food with others

Reasons for many illnesses

  • Likes to beat people and mistreat animals

  • Induce others to mistreat animals

  • Praising others when seeing them ill-treating animals

  • Feelings of happiness when watching others beating/scolding animals

  • Agitate our parents and making them worried/sad

  • Disturbing and causing confusion to saints

  • Feeling happy when we see the people we dislike falling ill

  • Displeased when we see our enemies get well from illness

  • Giving fake/irrelevant medication to people we dislike

Reasons for not having many illnesses

  • Does not beat other people and does not abuse animals

  • Persuade other people not to beat people up or to abuse animals

  • Praising others when we know they do not beat people or abuse animals

  • Feeling happy when seeing other people or animals not fighting one another

  • To serve our parents and patients

  • Taking care of patients who are ill

  • Donating beneficial medication to people who are ill as well as persuading others to do the same

  • Being sympathetic towards people who are ill, and those in pain

"Between stimulus and response, there is a space.

In that space lies our freedom and power to choose our response.

In our response lies our growth and happiness." - Anonymous

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