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Past that leads to the Present that leads to the Future. 輪廻。

Reincarnation is a matter in which many countries don't believe in very much, but this doesn't mean one would not reincarnate even though one does not believe in it - it only means that the transition period between death and the next life is longer.

Some reincarnate after death: for some the transition period might take up to hundreds and thousands of years, sometimes it takes even just a few months or days. This duration of the transition period is indefinite. Why would the experiece and process of death hold such an importance?

To an average human being, at the time of his death - his thoughts, emotions and feelings would determine his blessings and fortunes in the coming life. Whether you have a bad or stable emotion today, when you wake up the next day, will you continue the emotion from the previous night? You will definitely be more or less influenced by the emotion from the previous day.

What is between a lifetime and another lifetime does not consist of a steady-state nature, or a fixed existence. It is on a subtle level, it is a state of consciousness.

Some were born with extraordinary innate atrributes, talents and capabilities; these are accumulative experiences which they have gathered over the many lifetimes.

Some people need to go through learning and inspiration to make these abilities prominent, what one experienced will become the subconscious of this lifetime, but these subconscious are to a very deep level, one wouldn't feel it, it is not an obvious state.

Have you ever had such an experience, that is sometimes we sense a premonition, good or bad things and scenes in your dream become reality the next day or soon after.

This phenomena means that your spirit actually knows about these things, but you don't know these things while you are awake during the day time. In fact everyone knows about many things, it can be said that your subconscious brings to you these messages.

- Nan Hai Gu Fo (The Goddess of Mercy)

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